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What Is Outbox In Email: A Comprehensive Guide

What Is Outbox In Email: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you a question about what is outbox in email? Don’t worry, we are here to share the answer to your question  with you in a comprehensive guide.

The email outbox plays a crucial role as a temporary storage place where sending emails are held until they are transmitted to the concerned recipient. 

The outbox in email ensures the smooth transmission of digital information, effectively managing unsent messages and keeping emails stored until an internet connection is established for sending.

Let’s start exploring what is outbox in email!

Key Functions of Outbox in Email

The primary function of the outbox in email is to temporarily hold outgoing emails in its storage. 

The status of emails in the outbox folder is pending, indicating that they have not been sent yet. Users have the flexibility to edit or cancel their emails before sending them to the outbox. 

This temporary storage area allows users to troubleshoot and correct any mistakes before the email is sent.

Outbox vs. Sent Items and Drafts in Email

While the outbox and sent items may appear similar, a significant difference exists between them. The email in the outbox is in a transitional phase, not yet transferred to the recipient.

Delays in email transfer may occur due to various factors such as a lack of internet connection, large file attachments, or server problems. 

Once the email successfully transfers, it moves from the outbox folder to the items folder, indicating that the end user has received the message from the server.

The draft folder is where unfinished or incomplete emails are placed for review, not yet in the process of transmission. 

Users can access and complete these undone emails at their convenience.

Accessing and Managing the Outbox in Email

The location of the outbox folder depends on the email service provider or program being used. 

For instance, in Outlook, users can find the outbox under the send tab in the navigation tab. Gmail users can locate the outbox folder by clicking on the primary button under the send tab.

Accessing the outbox from different devices is possible in certain cases, especially when devices are synchronized to the same email address. 

This ensures that emails can be completed and sent from various devices without the risk of data loss or duplication.

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Additional Considerations

In addition to the primary functions, here are some additional considerations for your outbox:

  • Prioritize emails in the outbox folder to ensure timely delivery.
  • The outbox also manages drafts until they are sent.
  • Data in the outbox is encrypted to safeguard privacy and prevent data loss.
  • Users can handle both large and small size file attachments in the outbox.
  • Delivery reports for outbox emails sent by service providers allow users to check their status.


In essence, the email outbox serves as the transitional phase from email creation to sending. 

It plays a crucial role in keeping messages organized and error-free, offering versatile features such as editing, offline storage, error management, and delivery reports, making it a user-friendly tool.

What Is Outbox In Email: A Comprehensive Guide

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