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How to Make a Digital Planner: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Make a Digital Planner: A Comprehensive Guide

Tired of messy to-do lists and overflowing notebooks?  There’s a way out! 

A digital planner is your pocket-sized sidekick for conquering your day, from daily tasks to technical documents.

Imagine boosting your productivity, gaining flexibility, and working smarter, not harder. Plus point through this, you can customize it to fit your unique style!

In this article we will share with you some key steps of making your very own customized planner, from choosing the right app to adding all the cool features you need.  

Let’s dive into how to make a digital planner

Planning and design

Digital planner face page

Digital planner face page sets the tone of your entire plate form .you should use the best font colour theme design for digital planner

Lists pages of digital planner

Most planners organised digital planner according to their work like starts with the goal set for year then for months and then for weeks and days. 

Here are some examples of pages you should include in digital planner

Yearly planner

Yearly plans are big plans like to renovate your house. You like to relocate abroad. Completing technical or non technical books reading? Writing at start of your planner for yearly tasks.

Monthly planner

In Monthly planner Allocated pages to view events happening in the current month like music shows, birthday parties with friends and world tours.

Weekly planner

Weekly planner is to look at things happening more precisely in the week like meetings and outdoor dinner.

Daily task plans

Daily task plan lists help to view daily tasks more precisely and to get them finished on time.  

Allocate a track on your digital planner to view your daily meals and exercise routines.

Sets  up Documents

Keep in mind the digital planner you wish to keep your data safe and sound then write those data on an A4 size sheet for yearly, monthly, weekly plans and other. 

We used some geometrical shapes to express and understand our plans more easily to execute them more efficiently on time.

Digital planner consists of many pages so to view these planner together on a single plate form we used hyperlinks to link pages of planner.

Digital planner can be making on different softwares available on our digital world like

  • Microsoft excel
  • Microsoft powerpoint
  • Adobe in design
  • Canva
  • Adobe photoshop

And many other tools available on this internet world. 

Building Your Planner

Choose digital planner template

You can use any digital planner template from the internet which is available free of cost. You can used predefined templates or can creates your own

When you choose a template or create a template then choose and select font size, font colour and size for your digital planner.

Shapes can be added in a digital planner to make it catchier.

After creating a digital planner, now time to add up things in the planner to use it for future tasks.

Utilizing Your Digital Planner

 Once you create a digital planner then the next step is to effectively use it for your daily, weekly and yearly planning.

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First step is to understand your planner template and assign numbers to pages so you can view them easily. Header and footer can be used to distinguish them.

Put complete details of your work on digital planner and checks its progress in detail mentions achievement in your digital planner

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make A Digital Planner

Can I Make My Own Digital Planner?

Yes we can make our own digital planner by using a suitable platform like canva, powerpoint,adobe indesign etc

How Do I Start Selling Digital Planners?

We can sell digital planners on social media sites like facebook,instagram,etsy and own running websites.

What Is The Best Program To Make A Digital Planner?

Canva and adobe are the best programs to make digital planner.


Digital planners are like magic wands for your workload! They are ready to do work in your own unique work style and also help you get things done.  

If you’re hardly seeking to reduce your work stress and stay organized, a digital planner can be your new best friend.  And the best part? Creating your own is easy! 

Check out resources like how to make a digital planner for inspiration and get ready to wave goodbye to chaos.

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